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Sesyme provides unlimited access to university recommended textbooks. Cutting textbook costs by about 65%. Click the button below to make your pre-order!

What do we do


Textbooks are notoriously overpriced! The price of one textbook has risen by over 1041% in the past 20 years. As a result over 64% students has skipped required textbooks at some point in their university life. This doesn't do publishers any good either, their market has dropped by 9% from 2018 to 2019 and by a whopping 40% from 2019 to 2020.

We designed and developed Sesyme, a textbook subscription platform to provide higher education students unlimited access to all their prescribed textbooks.

Sesyme is a great solution for both the publisher and the student. We will save students money and help publishers recover lost revenues.


Market Analysis

South Africa has about one million university students. NSFAS and bursaries fund about 600 000 of those students. Over 216 000 students fall into the “missing middle” category.




Save R0.00



Save R0.00


R2 999.99

Save R600.00 + Get free Tablet


1. Make textbooks affordable and easily accessible.

2. Boost student's brand to increase employment chances.


Master Plan

Step 1

Build e-learning app for higher education students to get experience with the market and entice publishers with our progress.

Step 2

Use experience and network gained from above to build a textbook subscription platform for higher education students.

Step 3

Use money and experience gained from above to launch Sesyme in other countries starting with African countries.

Step 4

"Finally rest and watch the sunrise on an educated universe." :)


  • We launched a question and answer android application in September 2019. Currently have over 500 students, 360 questions and 684 replies.
  • We got selected for incubation by The French South African Tech Labs(
  • We were selected to pitch at the AfricArena 2019 in front of 750+ attendees.
  • Received commitment from LexisNexis Publishers as publishing partner
  • In partnership with Snapplify to use their Snapplify Reader, which comes with their fully certified DRM.
  • Secured agreement to do a pilot with Accounting Department at Walter Sisulu University – Mthatha Campus for Level 2 and Level 3.

The Pilot will be started on


We are starting a pilot of the project at Walter Sisulu University in partnership with LexisNexis Publishers and Snapplify on 26 Feb. 2020



Pitched 2019

Doing Beta

DRM Technology



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